Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Will My Lawn Be Cut?

Your lawn will be cut as often as agreed to, between Freshcut Lawn Care and the Customer. This is often on a weekly basis. If our crews arrive at your property and the grass has not grown, they will ask you if you would like your property cared for on that particular day. We will not cut it for the sake of cutting it. 


How Often Will I Be Invoiced?

If you are a regular lawn care customer, you will receive an invoice at the end of  each month, unless we agree to another format. Invoicing for landscaping and other large projects will be outlined in the job proposal.


How Can Professional Lawn Care and Landscaping Increase The Value Of My Home by 10 to 15%?

This is called Curb Appeal! Most potential homebuyers are very concerned about the outward appearance of a home when compared to its interior. This is because the outside is seen by passerby's and neighbours, on a daily basis, where the interior is more of a private affair. A US survey reported that an investment in your Lawn and Landscaping had a 100-200% recovery rate. Decks and patio's only recovered 40-70% of their initial cost. Having an attractive exterior creates the perception that the inside of your house is as well cared for as the exterior.


How Much Insurance Coverage Do You Carry?

We carry $5 Million liability insurance. We are not relying on our insurance policy to keep us safe. Our employees have been trained extensively to use safety in every aspect of their work. They are trained on a regular basis and wear protective footwear, glasses and hearing protection at all times.


Are There Other Services That You Offer?

We have listed the majority of our services on the Services section of our webpage. If there is a service that you are interested in please ask us about it!  Click here to view all of our services.